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Enterprise Spirits

Unity, Innovation, Dedication, Gratefulness

Enterprise Working Style

Efficient, Precise, Meticulous, Practical.

Operation Idea

People oriented, Creditable, Professional and specialized, Win-win cooperation                                         


Enterprise Strategy

Aiming at improving the core competency and taking management and technology innovation as power, ensured by development of enterprise culture and learning organization, we insist on making economic profits as center and scientific development as main task, implementing the strategy of service innovation, technology advance, culture promotion, human resource exploit.

Enterprise’s Dream

To become the first rate one-stop service supplier of polyurethane materials.


Enterprise’s Destiny

Struggle for the taking-off of Chinese Polyurethane Chemical Industry.

Management Way

Combine the centralized with decentralized management, and the centralized management is the main part. Company for decision, department for administration, grassroots for implementation.


Management Idea

Caring employees, attention to process and details, strive for efficiency.


Market Idea

Tomorrow’s market relies on today’s quality, the reputation of enterprise is an invisible market; the satisfactory from customers is the eternal market.


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