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Compensation by cash

We provide the competitive salary to employees, and make review every year. We provide the performance bonus based on the performance of company and employees, since we’re growing and sharing with employees together.

Stock Rights Incentives for all staff

Once the overall annual sales target is met, the company will give one part of profit as stock rights incentives for all staff.

Security for employees

We provide complete securing plan for employees, including the endowment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance, pregnant insurance, housing funds, etc., as the national regulation.

Leave with Pay

Besides the legal leave, we give the paid leave as state required to the employees who has served our company for more than one year.


As the company is in the progress of rapid growing, we’re glad to see many fresh men have become key employees and managers. We’d like to provide extensive room for development to those who’re eager to grow up with company.

Other Welfare

Our company is trying to give all kinds of practical welfare including comfortable working environment, auto vending machine for every office building, lunch subsidy, housing subsidy for employees after probation, and dormitories.

For the rich amateur life of employees, we set up various athletic association, and organize regular trip, birthday party… expecting your participation after enrolled.


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